‘I initially was hesitant about group work but soon came to value it as a truly enriching resource to connect and reflect together. For me it has been a validating space to check out how I relate to others and get feedback in a way I can engage with it. Within that I have experienced Alistair as a very able and respectful practitioner. He has been supportive but also skilled at offering well-placed challenges in a safe way to encourage personal growth. I felt in the group that my best interests have been kept at heart and after a session with Alistair I have often been left feeling moved and inspired. I would encourage people to consider what his group therapy might be able to offer to them.’                               Angela – Brighton

“I found the therapy group to be a supportive and healing environment in which I could explore all and any of the emotional and practical challenges I was facing in life.
As a result of being in the group, I found I was able to make necessary changes in my life at a much faster rate; my levels of confidence and agency increased massively, and I was able to uncover what I really wanted, beneath all the uncertainties and doubts.
I would suggest to anyone thinking of joining the group, that if you’re looking for a safe and supportive space in which to share and listen, whilst also being challenged and energized to grow, then this group could be exactly what you’re looking for. Go for it!”
Louis – Brighton
“What was it like being in the group?
Being in a therapy group is profoundly different than having one-to-one counselling. If I feel anger or am upset, for example, there isn’t just one person witnessing it – there are Alistair and other group members.  This has the effect of allowing me deal with the feeling – and the reactions it may have provoked! – there and then, uncomfortable as that may be. The space is both safe and also can be challenging .  We always seem to go at the right pace at the right time.
Alistair is totally professional, can be provocative, has great insights and knowledge and skills, above all (even when I may disagree with him) I know he is on the side of us all, creating the environment for our authentic selves to emerge and flourish.
Was it what you expected? In a sense it was, but it is different to other groups I have been involved with, say through training. I am in this group because I choose to be here, and I am committed to my ‘growth’  – for want of a better word –  and to the others in the group. It is more varied than I expected – sometimes the group will run with a particular issue, every so often one group member will be the focus.  I never leave a meeting without feeling I have gained something valuable from the experience.
What changed as a result?
In general I find I am far less willing to rescue people; specifically, I have made a lot of positive changes in my life: new job; more meditation; more exercise. I no longer view being self-focused as selfish.
What would you say to someone interested in joining the group? 
Join. You would have to go a long way to match the level of wisdom and skill – and care – that is on offer.”
Nicola – Lewes